Basic Certificate in Geomatics



The Basic Certificate in Geomatics programme is designed for field survey assistants that work under the direction of land surveyors and adjust and operate surveying instruments (such as total stations, GPS Receivers etc) as well as data collection.

For Basic Certificate students, practical work is considered to be an essential part of the programme, allowing a student to develop their practical skills in Geomatics/engineering applications. The Philosophy of field work is to support the learning process, give knowledge by direct observation and fact finding in contrast to fact-learn. Field work practical illustrates principle, experimental technique, and observation.

The programme comprises 14 modules that are spread over two semesters. Each academic year has two semesters. Each semester consists of 15 weeks for classroom activities and on campus practicals and 2 weeks for written examinations. Therefore the whole programme has a total of 34 weeks of study for the full-time attendance mode.

Qualification Outcomes

Upon completion of the Basic Certificate in Geomatics programme, graduates should be able to:

Mode of Delivery

The programme is offered on full-time mode.