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Tourism Division

The Tourism Division is one of the divisions in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. It is responsible for the Sectoral Policy, Planning, Research, Manpower, Training, Statistics, Licensing and Quality control of Tourist agents.

The division is divided into three sections, headed by Assistant Directors. The sections are Licensing and Quality Control section (LC), Tourism Development (TD) and Research, Training and Statistics (RTS).

Tourism Division’s major objective is to ensure the implementation of the National Tourism Policy as well as regulatory functions. The main objective of National Tourism Policy is; seeking to assist in efforts to promote the economy and livelihood of the people, essentially poverty alleviation. This is done by encouraging the development of sustainable and quality tourism that is culturally and socially acceptable, ecologically friendly, environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

The Division is responsible for formulation and enhancement of sectoral policy and regulatory functions:

This entails:
- Sectoral planning and budgeting
- Formulating and reviewing legislation
- Monitoring and evaluation of the sector
- Manpower planning and human resource development
- Researching, training and curriculum development
- Licensing and control of tourist agency business.
- International co-operation and collaboration
- Identification of tourist attractions and diversification of tourism activities.
- Undertaking impact assessment on cultural and social-economic activities
- Setting and reviewing license fees and monitoring their issuance
- Controlling quality of tourism facilities & ervices by carrying out inspection,classification and grading
- Taking legal action against violators
- Appraising investment proposals
- Undertaking resource mobilization from within and external
- Developing and promoting domestic tourism.

The Division is divided into three sections which are:

Tourism Development (TD)
The section deals with sectoral Policy, National and International cooperation, identification of tourist attraction and diversification of tourism activities, developing and promoting domestic tourism.

Research Training & Statistics (RTS)
This section deals with manpower planning and human resources development, management of information system, research and training, monitoring and evaluation of the sector performance i.e. collection and store tourism statistics.

Licensing and Control Section (LC)
This is the section that deals with monitoring and control of all tourist agents in the country. In Tanzania the tourism business was previously regulated and controlled by Tourism Agents Act of 1969 and Hotel Act of 1963. In 2008 the new act, Tourism Act of 2008 came into operation and is the one which is currently in use.

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