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Mantra Tanzania Commits to Combat Elephant Poaching.

Mantra Tanzania Commits to Combat Elephant Poaching.Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu and CEO of Uranium One Inc, signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and Mantra Tanzania Limited yesterday signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU) which calls both sides to closely coordinate and cooperate to combat illegal elephant poaching in the Southern Selous Game Reserve.

The MOU was signed by the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Honourable Lazaro Nyalandu and Chief Executive Officer of Uranium One Inc, on behalf of Mantra Tanzania , Chris Sattler. This was held yesterday at Hyatt Regency, Kilimanjaro Hotel during the Conference closing dinner.

‘’Elephant poaching has reached crisis proportions in the Selous Game Reserve and Mantra is committed to taking action to address it’’ Mr. Sattler said.

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Sattler said that the MOU will cement them with the Wildlife Division, to fully develop and implement an advanced, innovative anti- poaching program to curb poaching and save the Selous elephant population.

He appreciated the Minister Lazaro Nyalandu for his leadership on this important issue of leading the way for other public –private partnerships in wildlife conservation in Tanzania and in Africa.

He added that the MOU will establish an oversight Committee comprised of two representatives from Mantra and two from the Wildlife Division. This Committee will be responsible for developing implementing and monitoring joint anti-poaching programs,
‘’The Committee will be communicating and consulting with a wide variety of stakeholders, including representatives from all levels of Government , local communities , hunting concessions and non governmental’’ Mr. Sattler added.

He added that to win the Anti-poaching , Mantra on valuing the contribution of Wildlife in Tanzania economy in terms of Tourism , Mantra wil invest US $ 800,000 on anti-poaching activities.

Through that program Mantra first began 2013 , 20 recent graduates of the Selous Game Reserves (SGR) game warden training college was assigned to Mantra’s anti-poaching unit. The scouts remain employees of the Selous Game Reserves and return to the SGR after a 12 –month tour of duty.

The Scouts are housing at camp near the Mkuju River Project and conduct regular anti-poaching activities patrols in a 20,000-square kilometer area around Project sites.

Speaking at the Conference Mr. Sattler, said that the Mantra has serious committed on providing the scouts with modern equipment to curb anti-poaching activities in Selous Game Reserves where the number of elephant has tremendously decreased.

Hon. LazaroNyalandu appreciated the Mantra in joining to fight anti-poaching as he said Government alone can not win this war without their supports. He made the calls to international Organization to join hands on this war that threaten the life of Wildlife especially elephants. He added that the Government is working day and night to curb anti-poaching

The two day high-level conference promoted efforts to curb poaching, wildlife trafficking, and illicit ivory trade. The conference was attended by national and international wildlife conservation experts and government representatives from a dozen countries.

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